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There is nothing more fun than recording and mixing an album.

Freelance engineer, Ron Llewellyn, is happy to bring the gear to you, a studio of your choosing, or help you find the space that brings out your creativity and to aid you in bringing forth your best performance.

Mixing can take on many forms, being the most artistic part of the job, from fully analog, to all digital, to both with a mindset to know when is best to use which tool. Choose an engineer that takes your ideas to heart and creates the mixes that you want.

With many recorded and mixed albums under his belt, Ron Llewellyn is the engineer that will help you actualize the sounds in your head.

Rates vary from $25 an hour to bulk pricing depending on the amount/style/size of project.  Contact Welshman's Pride today to get a quote for your next project!


"Mastering is the last creative step in the audio production process, the bridge between mixing and replication (or distribution).  It is the last opportunity to enhance sound or repair problems within an acoustically designed room under an audio microscope." (Katz, 12)*

Welshman's Pride has moved strongly into the world of Mastering over the past 2 years and has had some amazing results working with artists and engineers in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona.

At just $45 a song, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better master at that price point!

Hire Ron today to help take your mixes to the next level with a professional mindset and techniques needed to create lasting art for all mediums to come. 

*Katz, Bob. Mastering Audio: The Art and The Science. World: Focal Press: Second Edition, 2007.


Need help setting up your studio?  Having trouble figuring out your new DAW?  Not sure what your next gear purchase should be?  Hire Welshman's Pride to help you out!

With over 8 years experience practicing and teaching pro studio concepts, Ron Llewellyn is well versed in both pro audio and pro-sumer audio alike.  

At just $25 an hour, contact Welshman's Pride today to schedule a time where Ron can help you get the most out of your studio! 


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